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Hercolena Oliver Get Well Soon Messages

  • Repetition bears reluctance permanence reliquishing. Achieving the great may in due course be detrimental as soon enough future considerations become eventual.
  • The future is as unexpected as a daytime moon, inconspicuous, but misplaced, coming too soon.
  • Nobody can stop the inevitable flowers, rain & seasons. Sometimes events occur regardless for intended reasons.
  • Roses can no longer be gathered in winter's snow; only by evening we can appreciate splendid day glow.
  • Deserts wait far yonder for rain for all eternity; milestones, not moments, foresaking you and me.
  • There is a kind of immorality in absolute power of eternity. Flowered mountains have caused rock fall. Perpetually changing environment influence all. Some plants flourish in conditions where others don't. Some humbled attempt to quit, while others won't. The tides doth diminish & rise again. Pyramids have been conjured through writing of a pen. Since time immemorial the hummingbird was heard to sing and even into oblivion will be sighted on its wing.
  • Along the clock's hand, the hour's still small, being young & in command, climbing hill considering all. Youth glamorous ever & anon as the earth's forever round, anonymous millions remaining anon pause to listen to thunderous sound. What is wealth without health or wisdom telling withal when momntous gaining of stealth fares well in any bright hall.
  • Those words that were favourite & surely well meant bestowed on less wretched & free could create content though having fiercely by compass at will may've been inaccesable in mountains unsummitted still.
  • On subjugation of character essentially lines written, quintessentially in dejection, stating, irreversible irreverent fare thee well, though't may seem irrelevant.
  • Well disguised fiction is what we tend to believe as fate lacks eclipse & tends to deceive.
  • Often well intentioned would, but more so often misunderstood in issues evading whilst in non-conformance pervading.
  • More effort's moulded in chopping wood than being scolded for being cold though could. You wish your day's filled with events many ought being inspired even if not having any a penny.
  • As the tree had withered so the bark be as a bird without wing and he without she. Mistaken prey captured by the heart may even when ceased employ charitable start.
  • Tempt fate until the day is done. Endure the cold to appreciate the sun. Fate could be cruel, but also sublime, offering as present part of time.

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