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Friendship Quotes

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  • I never search but I found.
    I never wished but it came true.
    I never asked but I got an answer.
    And I never wanted but now I have you.
    Thank God for this blessing called FRIEND.
  • Its difficult to find a friend like you.
    Its like opening a million shells under the sea to find one pearl,
    But finding you makes the dive worthwhile.
  • Some friends are worth to be thrown.
    Some are good to keep.
    Some are treasured forever and I think you deserve to be thrown…
    In my TREASURE BOX for keeps. Forever!

Hercolena Oliver Friendship Quotes

  • Unfortunately there's a hospitality delay in entertaining a friend boisterously loud uttering in jealousy shadows to a sun's ray meaningfully ending in being overly proud. Inevitably there's many places like home saying to your friend such as their opinions to sway in excitement mistaking bubbles with foam awaiting the day when we reconciles with they.
  • Habitually interfering badly of innocent spake those casting friendships & relationships askance testing gullibility as in Eden did snake not bothering to fathom reality or admitting to trance.
  • Some degree of trepidation it takes to be fond of unsighly snakes of various makes; some unfrozen water's left in the pond concealed as fakes by ice & flakes. Some residue precariously remained when trading joy for distress; some anonymous are found amongst those named and some wakefulness despite weariness. Some degree of pain results in spiritual gain and warmth, youth & vigour are cradled by old & cold; in repetition again obscure realises main reminiscent of many tales told. Some sun still hides behind thunder so loud as not one, but many in sorrow opt for shroud; some lucidness is in sleep & weariness in awake as equal in importance as make & break. Some shapes materialise in straight line bend and some restful truth evades lying; some stangers are but yet an unmet FRIEND as here, there & everywhere life's left despite dying.
  • 'Twould've been different to differntially remain same being met by haughty exiting limo in disdain taking foolish pride in a shoelace honestly done seeming though refusing friendship for acrynomous gain.
  • Ironically man with a winding brow of sweat toils for mother, mistress or friend to eat. Even though prolonged words are coming tempered human nature resorts to running.
  • Fears that may cease on first looking on at reversion in leaving friends at an early hour's intention, tables turned in epostulation of youth & age position reply to time real & imaginary during convention.
  • If integrity, health, wealth or happiness in a brighter hue in this here life we did pursue, surely all of these I’ve found in you, a friend found far and few that is forever true.
  • Some moments in life are far more treasured such as a precious pearl in the ocean of time enhanced only by friendship true measured as fate doth createth beautiful inspiring rhyme.

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